On Line Psychometric Testing and Assessment

When it is not feasible to carry out a face to face assessment, on line psychometric testing and assessment may be a better solution.

As we carry out the assessment on your behalf, you don’t need any qualification in psychometric testing and assessment yourself. All you need to do is provide us with the name and email address of the candidate. We do the rest.

Perhaps a candidate may be in another part of the country, or there may be too many candidates to test all in one go. When this occurs an ideal way of managing the process is to use our on line psychometric testing and assessment service. This allows you to access a high quality assessment tool, at a fraction of the normal cost of face to face assessment.

Every on line assessment is handled personally by one of our psychologists.

Our internet-based assessment system administers, scores and then produces a descriptive personality profile report, complete with customised interview questions, based on our own 12 scale, 112 item Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ).

The system is designed for use in recruitment and selection. It combines the analytical rigour of psychometric assessment with the pragmatic and practical benefits of a structured interview.

The advantages are –

  • All you need to do is provide candidate’s name and email address. We handle the rest.
  • We invite the candidate by email to complete the on line questionnaire. We then compile their assessment report which we send by secure email to you.
  • No psychometric test training, or test material purchase is required.
  • Eases the load on the client – we handle the whole assessment process.
  • The Personality Profile Report comes with an integrated set of custom interview questions to allow you to explore the results with the candidate in a face-to-face structured interview.

What does your on-line psychometric testing and assessment measure?

The WPQ is a factor analysed, normative, trait-based measure of personality. It provides a highly focused insight into a number of naturally emerging bipolar personality trait scales. These can be clustered into four occupationally relevant areas.

1. Working With Others

Submissive, compliant – Assertive, dominant
Socially retiring, shy – Socially confident, outgoing
Trusting, accepting – Wary of others, suspicious
Private, discrete – Open, straightforward
Group oriented – Independent, self reliant

2. Managing Pressure

Emotionally calm, stable – Emotionally reactive, excitable
Low self esteem, self doubting – High self esteem, self confident

3. Preferred Work Environment

Cautious, careful, serious – Enthusiastic, spontaneous
Expedient, rebellious – Rule oriented, conforming
Inflexible, cautious of change – Adaptable, flexible, open to change

4. Thinking Style

Thick skinned, objective, logical – Sensitive, subjective
Concrete thinking, practical – Abstract thinking, imaginative

As with all good test practice you must feed-back results to the candidate to ensure accuracy, and be support them with information from other sources. Our easy to use reporting format makes it very easy for you to do this.

Do you provide ability/aptitude testing on line?

Unlike personality assessment which is descriptive, and has no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, ability and aptitude tests do have right and wrong answers.

This causes practical and legal problems – with an on-line ability or aptitude test we have no way of monitoring the candidate or knowing whether, for instance, they are receiving assistance in identifying correct answers. In other words – it is almost impossible to guard against cheating.

Because personality assessment, has no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, the concept of cheating makes no sense. In addition – the results of the personality assessment are verified using a structured interview.

For this reason we have taken a professional  policy decision not to offer line versions of ability or aptitude tests. We still do, of course provide ability and aptitude testing under face to face supervised conditions.

How do I get more information?

If you would like to discuss your on line psychometric testing and assessment needs with one of our psychologists, or request an example assessment report, pricing details and how to order, please contact us.

Only genuine organisations who are considering using our service may request an information guide. Private individuals and candidates, or potential candidates may not.