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This page is to order on line psychometric testing credits.

Once you have chosen which product you wish to order, you will automatically be transferred to the secure payment page.

Once you have made payment, you will be given a unique transaction reference code which you should retain for reference. You will also automatically receive an email confirming your transaction code, what you ordered and the amount of your order.

We will contact you directly with your next steps and instructions on how how to access the service. This is normally done the same day as your order is placed.

If your assessment requirement is urgent, we recommend you contact us first to ensure one of our psychologists is available to expedite your order.

Our VAT Number is GB 698980153.

All orders are subject to our terms and conditions.

Single On Line Assessment Credits

Single assessments @ £48.00 each (£40.00 per assessment plus vat).

Five On Line Assessment Credits

5 assessments @ £210.00 (£35.00 per assessment plus vat).

Ten On Line Assessment Credits

10 assessments @ £360.00 (£30.00 per assessment plus vat).

Twenty On Line Assessment Credits

20 assessments @ £576.00 (£24.00 per assessment plus vat).

Fifty On Line Assessment Credits

50 assessments @ £1140.00 (£19.00 per assessment plus vat).

One Hundred On Line Assessment Credits

100 assessments @ £1680.00 (£14.00 per assessment plus vat).

Employee Development Report

Single Employee Development Report @ £72.00 (£60.00 per report plus vat).