Professional and Expert Witness Services

We provide professional and expert witness services in the area of recruitment, selection and employment practice. We advise potential clients to contact us as early as possible – ideally when they first become aware of a potential problem. Most disputes can be resolved before they reach the formal litigation or employment tribunal stage.

Please note the following important distinction:

An Expert witness is considered impartial, independent of both parties and is appointed by a court/tribunal. They offer an impartial opinion on the facts of the case.

A Professional witness is appointed by only one of the parties involved in a dispute and represents their case/interests only. They are not considered independent.

We are qualified, experienced and independent Registered Occupational Psychologists, registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health Care and Professions Council. We have completed formal expert witness training with the British Psychological Society.

We provide professional and expert witness services in the following areas: 

  • Career and earnings loss.
  • Direct and indirect discrimination in the workplace – sexual, age, race and disability.
  • Selection and assessment for work, including selection system design and validation, fairness and discrimination in recruitment.
  • Personality, aptitude and skills assessment – including the use of psychometric testing and other selection tools.
  • Bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment.
  • All communications are subject to legal privilege and are treated in confidence.

When you first contact us please provide information relating to

  • The identities of both parties – if a conflict of interest exists because of a prior contact/professional relationship with either party, we will not be able to act as expert witnesses. However, we may still be able to act as a professional witnesses to represent your client’s case.
  • The funding source.
  • An outline and background history to the case.
  • Where the case will be heard e.g. employment tribunal, civil court, criminal court.
  • A list of relevant documents.
  • A draft set of questions/instructions.

Please note the following :

  • We always keep a written record of all communications.
  • If a case is not within our area of expertise we clearly say so.
  • We will work with you to clarify your initial set of draft instructions. Once a clear set of instructions have been finalised and agreed, they then form the basis of our remit.
  • The instructing solicitor must provide us with a complete list of all relevant evidence/materials available and allow us access to them upon request.
  • Except where failing to do so would constitute a risk to any third party, we do not provide psychological support/therapeutic intervention to any parties involved in the case.
  • In order to maintain professional standards, our professional rules encourage and allow us to consult with other suitably qualified experts if we feel, in our professional judgement, that this is required. This will be noted in any report produced for the court, and any fees incurred will be recharged at cost.
  • We will not meet or discuss the case with any other expert witnesses unless asked to do so by the instructing solicitor.
  • We will always seek permission from the instructing solicitor before having contact with any third party involved in the case, and we will only speak to them with their informed consent.
  • We will accept joint-instruction and provide joint billing in cases where all parties have agreed to use our services.
  • We hold up to date professional indemnity insurance, and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We also provide fitness to work assessments and can advise in developing anti-discrimination policies and practices for organisations, as well as review existing policy and practice. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our psychologists, please contact us. All communications are treated in the strictest confidence.